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We have been operating in the automotive spare parts industry since 1970. Our company, which initially started with the wholesale of spare parts and later gained a different dimension with manufacturing, has gained a good place in the sector with its exports in the later stages.


Our company Automotive Istanbul, in Turkey as well as in our sector in the overseas market is also known for its quality products and services that provide a reliable brand (GEPAŞ) is recognized as. Among the varieties we have produced are mirror and fender signals, bumper reflectors, expansion jars, glass washing tanks, hydraulic tanks, door and glass opening arms, and rubber engine mounts and bushings.


In addition to being able to respond to customer orders quickly with our products in the domestic market, we also export the products of other manufacturers in favorable conditions in exports and export to Europe, especially in the Middle East and African countries.


Our participation in the fairs took place many times, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Algeria and Egypt. We did not need to attend the fairs for several years, as the business capacity was at a sufficient level and the new customers started to call us and started working with the contacts at the previous fairs.

MB EXCHANGE Buying Selling Dollar Euro 32.1940 32.2520 34.9265 34.9894